Saturday, March 07, 2015

God Sense

I just read an article about a Christian Science believer that got me thinking about something that I have consistently experienced over the years in the proximity of evil or evil people.  From my earliest memories, I can remember having a sensation when I was near someone who was bad.  This sensation became more realized when I was in High School.  It became a fine tuned instrument by the 10th grade and I could tell immediately if anyone was near me that had ill intentions for me or someone else around me.  It all traced back to my left ear.  I know.. this sounds nuts.. but bear with me.  I began to get a tingling sensation in my left ear and it never failed, if I was to turn around, I would see someone who I didn’t like, usually a bully who was following me and seconds later they would attack me.  I started to pay attention to the tingling, when I felt it.. I would dash into an office or a teachers room and sure enough, moments later, some jerk would coolly walk by and flash me an evil smile.  I have no idea where this sensation came from or how it began.  Over the years, it has really come in handy.  Sometimes I won’t have it for months at a time and then other times it will happen frequently and when it does.. I know that something or someone is around me that has an evil intention.  The story I was reading is here:

sun burstGranted.. I don’t believe everything that this person in the article is saying.. her theology is a bit off, but her experience is strangely similar to mine.  Two months ago I was out visiting a local country club, I had been invited by the manager to have a delicious meal on the house. The managers wife is a wonderful woman and we always have engaging conversations.  She told me during the meal that part of the manor house is haunted by what they believe is the previous owner who was an eccentric lady who became somewhat of a recluse, never leaving her home for the last 30 years of her life and dying there.  I was intrigued immediately and asked for a tour of the home.  We went up in the part of the house that is said to be occupied by this lady, I didn’t experience anything until I was leaving, as I walked down a long hallway out of the main bedroom I stopped to talk to my friend for a few moments.  All the sudden, my left ear pricked up and as I turned back towards the bedroom, I saw a dark shadow move from behind the door jamb by the right wall, to the other side of the door jamb.  My friend heard a noise as well as she had looked over at the same time and saw the same thing as I did.  It sent a bitter chill down my spine.  I couldn’t believe it had just happened like that.  I was creeped out to say the least.  Sometimes I will have these feelings when I was alone, I’ll sense that something just isn’t right in my location and I’ll quickly say a hail mary or St. Michael the Archangel prayer and the experience will pass as quickly as it began.

I don’t think I am unique in experiencing this.  I’m thinking after reading that article, that perhaps other people experience this as well.  It’s a type of God-Sense, something that God gives us to protect us from evil.  Have you experienced something link this in your life and if so, would you mind sharing it?

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