Saturday, November 06, 2010

Persecutions - How to deal with them

Today in class we were discussing persecutions and how to deal with them when they enter our lives.  Life when lived well presents many opportunities to suffer through various persecutions, how we react to these determines how efficacious they are towards our spiritual life.  Sometimes when we least expect it, we will encounter a persecution from a family member, loved one, friend, or someone we don't even know.  As long as you are standing by truth and the teachings of the Church you will know interiorly that you are in the right and that the suffering that your experiencing can be offered up to help bring grace into the lives of someone who may really need it at that particular moment.

Just today I was persecuted by someone I never met because I made a stand against something this person had a different opinion on.  This week during a mass with Cardinal Rigali, he spoke on how to respond to someone that is persecuting you.  He said that we must respond with charity, no matter how insulting the person is or angry in their message to us.  It is our duty as Catholic's to respond with love, for it is through love that we will open their hearts and minds to the will of God.

Love as Christ would love, Forgive as Christ forgives, and Pray as Christ prays.