Sunday, March 09, 2008

Evangelicals go lent?

Interesting article on MSNBC today that evangelicals are starting to take lent on, giving up chocolate, and things of sacrifice that were seen as too "catholic" in the past are now starting to get popular. Well its about time.. they must see that sacrificing for God draws people in, that by cleansing the spirit, we cleanse our souls.

I remember a few years back when I was an altar boy I heard that the protestant churches were adding statues of Our Lady of Guadalupe to attract the mexicans.. and what happened? They ended up coming into full communion with the church.. God has a sense of humor as should we all! =D

Saturday, March 08, 2008

When Lutheran Attack

I sometimes get way ahead of myself and my mouth frequently gets me into trouble. That being said I was recently reinvited back to a Lutheran blog to speak on a few topics. I got banned within 2 days of being back (big surprise since I am a hardcore Catholic), and I was reminded of that movie "the Village". The village was about a group of people that willingly took themselves away from the world and put up a big wall to block everything they didn't understand out. In doing so they isolated themselves to a few books and the same repeated thinking generation after generation.

To me the Lutheran church and ideology is just like that. They got a few books, concord, confessions, and their misinterpreted bible and threw up this big wall around their teachings and minds to block out anything that might cause them to challenge their belief system. Don't get me wrong, the people on this forum as extremely intelligent, most of them are pastors and they are highly educated.. and yet they fail to see the simplicity of Christs message about unity, love, and communion in his one body.

I left their forum for a while to allow them to recoup after my massacre, I do not think they enjoyed one second of me being there. I leave as a humbled and contrite Christian who is seeking a better way of approaching such hard headed individuals. Maybe God will bless me with the gift of a better tongue to answer them with wisely, a mind that will not deceive me, and a heart to learn to love my fellow Christians who are off the trodden path.

Pax et Christi,