Wednesday, November 07, 2007

You Tube Debate on Catholicism & why it is the true Christian Religion!

I found a video on youtube that is about the Catholic Church and the many truths that she has. A Person by the name of C2D has had a field day of bashing my faith and the true faith ordained by God.. that is the Catholic one. Catholic was derived from the Latin word Kathlicos which meant universal. The Universal church aka Catholic has been mentioned as early as 67AD by one of the apostles and from then on it was officially in the writings of the Church Fathers.

C2D claims that the Catholic Church is the anti-Christ and so on and so forth. Making such claims that he cannot prove is frivolous and won't really be going anywhere. I would like to discuss why the Catholic Church is the one and ONLY church ordained my Christ and why it should remain the ONLY church that can claim that it goes back to Christ. The Holy Spirit said that Hell would not prevail against his church untill the end of time.. he didn't say multiple churches... he meant his one and Only Kathlicos church.

The Protestant reformation is a Heresy, one of the longest living heresies in the history of Christianity. I believe the only other heresy that lasted close to this was back in the 200-500. Still further is new (faith) continues splitting up. Christ only meant to have one fold.. he didn't want to have 48K different non Catholic churches all proclaiming to be with his flock.. no Christ started one church, intended one to stay until the end of time.

What are your thoughts on this.. and if your non-catholic can you prove to me that the church that you attend can be traced back to christ through a hierarchy of leaders here on earth and that Christ if he were to come today would approve of your new religion against the old one that he started?

Pax Christi,


Monday, November 05, 2007

Is the Priesthood needed, and was it ordained by Christ?

Here is a question, is the Priesthood needed, and was it ordained by Christ. Most Protestant faiths do not have a Priesthood, they had leaders such as Pastors, but none that are actually ordained by an authority that is linked directly to Christ. The Jewish people have a Priesthood as do the Catholics... but why not the Protestants?