Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Death in the family

On tuesday the 23rd, I was awakened to the phone ringing. I had this feeling that something was wrong and ran to pick it up. My mom was on the phone and in tears, she told me through sobs that my grandfather Ivan had passed away an hour before at 9am.

Two years ago my grandmother Anita, Ivan's (Pop's) wife passed away with cancer. We knew that she was sick and were able to prepare ourselves for the death that we knew was coming. However when I got news that Pop's had died, it was so unexpected. I feel devestated, and the hole in my heart is aching for him. What is interesting is that he died within 3 weeks to the year when his wife died. Will this hole ever feel? When will I find peace? I weep in sorrow for the loss that I feel, I await the day when I can meet my grandparents again.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Naples hails miracle as saint's blood liquefies!

In Naples Italy twice a year the blood of a St. Gennaro who was martyred in the year 305 A.D. liquifies on September 19th his feast day and on the first Saturday in May. It is said that after he was beheaded a Christian lady went over and sponged up some of his blood, put it into a glass vial and since the first time it was recorded in the year 1389 A.D., the blood has continued to liquify on these two dates. In the history of this miracle the blood has only not liquified 5 times, each time that it didn't a major disaster hit the area. In November 1980 the blood didn't liquify and a major earthquake hit southern Italy and killed over 3,000 ppl. So the people in this town celebrate greatly each time that it does liquify. This is a miracle that can be seen twice a year.. and there are people in this world that say that miracles do not happen. What a shame they are not able to see this one. When I was over in Italy 2 years ago, I went and saw this vial of blood in the Church, it was not liquified, in fact it looked as crusty and hard as dried blood normally looks, it is a pure miracle that this turns to liquid every year.

Awakening in the Spirit

I have had many troubles lately. Both spiritual and in the physical world. I lost my job 6 months ago and have been out of work forking out 400 bucks a month for expensive health insurance, with little to no money left to cover all my costs and I have asked myself. Why? Why me Lord? Why did this happen now? And I have come to the conclusion that it has been a time of trial for me, a time of shedding of my old skin, and through this tribulation I feel that God has been preparing me for something great and a place to serve him in the near future. I submit on average 3-5 resumes a week and get no response. I call people and get voicemails. So what is the deal Lord? And I hear the word, patience.

I have been spiritually dead for the past 2 years. I fell into some bad things a couple of years ago - no not drugs, or alcohol, just some bad habits and bad temptations. As I fell into this dismal hole I soon stopped praying, I stopped everything that had to do with God outside of weekly mass and thought that i was living my life free of all obligations. It is no wonder that things have finally crashed for me, and thank God that they did. I realize now the things that caused me to fall, and the things that I forsaked in order to fall. The real struggle now for me will be to give up those things that I am so used to doing and moving on to Christ. Jesus said "Come follow me".. and this month I am going to do just that. I am going to quit all vices, start praying, and living my life according to the scriptures and Holy Mother Church.. I will give it all to Christ and from there only he knows.

Please pray for me as I begin this journey, I know it will be no easy task in full battle with the enemy and what he will have in store for me in his mission to create another hole for me to fall into.

Apostolic Christians - Roots and Theology


I set this up to invite you to a discussion on faith and morals. You seem to be a great guy that has alot of knowledge on your faith and readily available to share and evangelize. I would like to discuss this further with you, if you are open to the dialogue. My email is send me any questions you have for me, or any topic that you would like to discuss and I will create a topic about it. I love to blog, and am intrigued by your faith and would like to know more about it first hand from you.

Pax et Lux (Peace and Light),

Smeagol (Michael)