Sunday, December 05, 2010


I hate to blog about this, but it is something that I need to ask.

I know that it is a tough time economically for everyone.  As a Postulant with a religious community, I find myself needing many things and not having the money to purchase the necessities of life.  I would like to offer something in exchange for your generosity, I will keep each and every one of you in my prayers.  Please attach a prayer request with your donation.

Thank You!  Donate Here

Prayer from the Heart

This past month has been filled with many sufferings.  However, the graces that I have received during these moments of sorrow, have been plentiful and heart warming.  I often find myself in the chapel with a burning desire to sit before Our Lord in silence.  Last week I was kneeling before the tabernacle asking God to open my heart to interior prayer when I heard these words flow out from my heart:

Oh Jesus, I throw myself at thy feet
I am a sinful and sorrowful soul
I lack charity for others and I lack peace of heart
I am sending my dear guardian angel to bring a fragment of my soul to lay before your throne
Though, I am so unworthy to lie within your presence
I ask that you take my uncleanliness and purify it
Make my soul as white as snow
As pure as the mantle of thy Mother
Set it on fire with your divine love
Jesus, I wish for you to cleanse my eyes of all they have witnessed
My ears of all they have heard
My tongue of all it's spoken
My heart of all it's darkness
And my soul of it's disease
I give you my mind, so it will only think of you
I give you my tongue so it will only speak your words
I give you my heart to cleave as thy wish
I give you my eyes to only see your face in everyone I meet
and I give you my ears so they will only hear what you wish them to hear
I open myself up to you
Every channel and portal, I throw open to welcome your graces
Fill me with your divine love, peace, and joy
Create in me a tabernacle fit to hold your precious body and blood
I beg of you to have mercy on me
Send down your Holy Spirit and let your light be my light
I am yours and everything that I have is yours
Do with me as thy will.

I then meditated on these words and let them sink in.  This is one of my first experiences with such a prayer coming from the heart.  I hope it is not the last.