Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Third Secret... has it been fully revealed?

Back in the 1930's 3 little children in Spain were to witness what is now called the greatest apparition in history. This occured in Fatima and is now a world renowned shrine. Jacinta, Franciso, and Lucia were to witness a multitude of visions of our Blessed Mother, hell, and other spiritual visions that would come to shape the world. There were 3 secrets tied to this vision and we were told the first two back in the 1930's, the 3rd secret was written and sent to the Pope who made a decision not to make it public... and so did the following 2 Popes after him. In the year 2000 Pope John Paul II made the 3rd secret public due to alot of pressure from several factions including the people that seemed to follow Fr. Gruner and his crusade of what he says is the Vatican hiding info from the people about the full 3rd secret. So I am asking you all now.. do you think the full entirety of the 3rd secret has been revealed and if not, why?

Friday, May 11, 2007

Spiritual Warfare...

Ok, So it took me way longer to come back than I expected! I will try to keep my blog up to date from now on. I want to bring this blog around to focusing more on faith, current issues in the world. I find myself in constant spiritual battles most of the time... there is always that person whispering something tempting in my ear, or trying to get me to break my vows.. ect... I seem to only find solace in Prayer and my best friend St. Michael the Archangel... who is also my patron saint.