Thursday, December 03, 2009

When God Lifts the Veil

Sometimes we find ourselves wondering when God will answer our prayers and when he doesn't answer them in the time that we ask or other times when he doesn't answer them the way that we think, our first thought is that God is ignoring us, not answering our prayer. However, there are other times in our life when we pray and God opens a door and then lifts the veil and allows us to look into our past and see the path that he chose and the way that he answered our prayer. Today was one of those days for me. God lifted the veil and allowed me to see how he had lined things up perfectly in answer to my prayer.

Last April I found myself looking madly for a job that offered health benefits, I applied everywhere and sent out around 5 resumes a week with no answer, this had been going on for several months. Then one day I happened to see an advertisement for a commission only job working the phones in a local HVAC business. I immediately submitted my resume and promptly received an answer inviting me in for an interview. I went and really got excited about the job and the people whom I was going to be working for. A few days later I was hired on and began to work in a whole new world, one built in an industry that I was unfamiliar with and a commission only based income that I was not used to being paid on. Days turned into weeks and soon after much hard work I was promoted to the Marketing and Inside Sales Manager. I loved my job the people I worked for. It was awesome.

About that same time I decided to start looking for a spiritual director and soon was recommended to contact Fr. Jack Fullen from Holy Trinity Parish in Bristow. I tried to meet with him twice and things just didn't seem to work out, he was busy, I was busy.. we missed appointments. Finally he and I set a date and I sat down with him and we had a great talk. I knew immediately that I was dealing with a very holy man and I listened to everything that he said and was determined to have bi-weekly sessions with him. Before leaving that session, Fr. Jack asked me with my PC skills if I would be interested in helping the House of Mercy in Manassas with some computer related work. I thought it would be a great idea to volunteer and help those people who are in need of assistance and prayer. A few nights later Fr. Jack contacted me and asked me to meet him at Holy Trinity to meet with the founder of the House of Mercy and discuss website design, ect.

There I met Kellie Ross, an amazing woman who has dedicated her life to The House of Mercy and we talked about different options concerning the website, social networking, web 2.0, ect. Kellie then mentioned that she would be interested in me working with their charity, however I felt at the time just starting out at my current job that I had a duty and obligation to fulfill my position there and I told her that I would be happy to volunteer my time and services whenever they needed it. As life goes, things quickly became extremely busy for me and not only did I not go to anymore spiritual direction with Father, I didn't really volunteer any time with Kellie. My thoughts over the remaining months kept on going back to the House of Mercy and the great work they do there.

At my current job I found myself getting so overwhelmed with all the things I was involved in, that I began to burn the candle at both end and soon I was just completely burnt out. I stretched myself to thin trying to pull off to many things at one time and it was then that my marketing job began to sink. Things just weren't panning out, no matter how hard I tried to paddle, it seemed that I was constantly being pushed downstream. Last week I felt particularly worn out and began to go to church on a daily basis praying for an answer, that God would help boost my marketing and help create more sells for my company. Sadly a few days later I was pulled into my managers office and we both discussed the tragic slump in marketing and my boss decided to pull me out of marketing and have me focus only on the inside sales. I was sad and depressed to say the least. I felt that I put 110% into this job and now it was being taken away from me. I thought immediately "God must have a plan"!

On Tuesday December 1st during my lunch break deep in prayer at Church I felt inspired to contact Kellie again and offer my services in the volunteer capacity. After a few hours of searching, I dug up her number from last July and gave her a call. The conversation was awesome and I asked if I could volunteer some of my time, I then felt inspired to ask if she was still looking to fill the webmaster/marketing position and we spoke about that for a few minutes. She invited me to come up today (Thursday) and discuss what she needs completed with the site and her goals for her Charity over the next few months to a year. Kellie offered me a position with The House of Mercy as the Director of Communications and I accepted and will be starting in my new position near the end of December. As I left there I felt completely at peace. I went home rejoicing that God had heard my prayer and had answered it so quickly. It was then that I realized that he had planned this out from the very beginning.

From last year when I couldn't find a job to save my life, to the day that I started at One Hour, then I got promoted, I learned important marketing and management skills, I couldn't have gotten where I am today if it wasn't for the experience and knowledge that I learned as the Marketing Manager. Also since I was full time God made sure that I was put on health insurance and covered so when I went to the doctors and got medicine I wasn't charged an arm and a leg. During all this time, I was learning to have a deeper faith with Christ through the direction of Fr. Jack who pointed me to some very good books, and then right when one job was ending God set me up with another one that will bring me closer to my goal, which is to enter the seminary and help the poorest of the poor. While I am sad to leave my job and I'll miss the people I work with, I know in my heart that everything will be fine and work out, because in the end, God is in control.

Today the Veil was lifted and as you can see.. God had a plan, was in control of this plan, and he let me in on a little secret... we must alway say:

"Jesus, I trust in You".

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Eucharistic Miracle Reported in Poland

Possible Eucharistic Miracle in Sokolka Poland

This is being reported elsewhere on English language Catholic blogs (example: Fr. Z reported on this) but I've been able to find some additional information using Google and translation tools.

First, the report from Kronika Novus Ordo, translated from Polish, that is being reported on other English language blogs, dated October 14, 2009:

Communication from the Metropolitan Curia of Bialystok on the case of Eucharistic phenomena in Sokółka

Metropolitan Curia of Bialystok announces that the Ecclesial Commission appointed by Archbishop Edward Ozorowski (on 30 March 2009) to investigate the phenomena of the Eucharist in
Sokółka has just completed its work. It examined and interrogated the witnesses and the pathomorphology experts. Here follow conclusions.

1. On 12 October 2008 a consecrated Host fell out of hands of priest distributing Holy Communion. He has picked It up and placed in the vasculum in tabernacle. After the Mass, vasculum with contents has been transferred to the safe in sacristy.

2. On 19 October 2008 after opening the safe one could see a red stain on the Host, giving the impression of being the blood stain.

3. On 29 October 2008 the vessel with Host was transferred to the tabernacle in the chapel of the rectory. Next day The Host has been removed from the water and placed on the corporal in the tabernacle.

4. On 7 January 2009 the sample from the Host has been taken and examined independently by two professionals in pathomorphology of Medical University in Bialystok. They have issued a common statement as follows: "the sample sent to assess (...) in our opinion (prof. Maria Sobaniec-Lotowska and prof. Stanislaw Sulkowski) looks like the myocardial tissue, at least of all the tissues of living organisms it most resembles."

5. The Commission found that the Host, which was sampled for the
assessment is the same that has been moved from the sacristy to the tabernacle in the chapel of the rectory. Third party intervention was not found.

Files of this case has been submitted to the Apostolic Nunciature in Warsaw.

The Case of Sokolka does not oppose to the faith of the Church, rather confirms it. Church believes that the words of consecration, by the power of the Holy Spirit, transform a bread into the Body of Christ and wine into His Blood. It also provides a call to ministers of the Holy Communion to distribute the Body of Christ with faith and attention and to faithful - to receive It with reverence.

Fr. Andrzej Kakareko


I was able to find a photo [left] of Fr Adrzej (Andrew) Kakareko from the website of St. John the Baptist parish of Bialystok. He is listed as "Chancellor of the Curia, Archbishop of Bialystok and official of the Court". This seems redundant as I think any member of the Curia would be referred to as "an official of the Court".

It's difficult to paste the news reports I've been finding because of technical limitations but I've been reading reports that this particular area, statistically speaking, is rich in vocations and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. There is some local skepticism, however people seem to be very open-minded for the time being, based on what I am reading. Also, one Polish Catholic commentator noted that this is not really a time of serious social upheaval in this area. Take that for whatever it's worth. One priest noted, and rightly so, that the real miracle is the Eucharist itself.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

One Door Slammed Shut

Ok, so I have been looking into several monastic orders to discern if this is where God is calling me to be. I visited with one particular order, the Benedictines in Latrobe, Penn back in 2005 and enjoyed my visit. I disclosed during my many interviews up there that I was born with Congenital Heart Disease and that I had conquered a large number of Open Heart Surgeries. After visiting I left and never heard from the Benedictines again, I gave them the benefit of the doubt and sent a thank you follow up email several months after my visit and never received an answer. After still not hearing from them I thought it was God's will that I not pursue the matter any further.

Almost 5 years later (in January), I decided after much contemplation to contact the Benedictines again and request another visit. My spiritual life has exploded over the last 5 years and I felt that now was a better time to come up and visit since I was more open to listening to God and what he wanted instead of what I wanted. I contacted the Benedictines and submitted their information form. About 5 days later I got a call from the vocation director and he was all excited on the phone, said that my story and info had really inspired him and he sounded as if he was at a loss of words on the phone. So we set a date to have a phone interview and he called me on Sunday the 4th. I was happy to hear from him and after a few moments on the phone he invited me up to one of their Come and See weekends. We spoke for a few moments longer and then he asked me about my health since I had indicated on the form that I have a heart condition. Once I told him a little of my history his whole demeanor changed and he said "Oh, your this guy...), he then told me that he was starting to remember who I was and this is why he wanted to know more info before he invited me up for a weekend. I proceeded to try and reassure him that my heart was healed as of 2006 and that my doctors had given me the go-ahead on pursuing a religious vocation. He then told me bluntly that my heart was the reason why they never followed up with before (well gee, wish they had told me this 5 yrs ago!!), and that I didn't have a chance in the world of getting into his monastery or really any monastery since they can't afford to have someone like me with my health problems on their bill. So what your tellin me is that out of the 175 monks at that abbey, they are all healthy and none of them have any health problems? Long term, I would prob be the least expensive to have on their health bill considering that I had all my issues as a youngin.

The call ended as abruptly as it had started and to say that I was dissapointed would be an understatement of the century. I am heart broken (no pun intended). I have made it through alot in my life, in fact more than most people go through in their life times. I feel a call to serve God and yet I get stopped at the front door of a monastery of all places. Obviously this is not where God wants me to go, so where is it? That is the pivotal question right now and something that is greatly weighing on my mind is this, with my bad heart, how many other orders and people will turn me away because they are afraid of a liability or they just don't understand?

The search continues...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chaplaincy at Fauquier Hospital

Ok, so I went to volunteer at Fauquier Hospital to help others out (since I spent a significant amount in the hospital as a child) and I think I found my calling for now. I am going to interview tomorrow with the Chaplain to see if I can be a volunteer Chaplain and help others find God as well as comfort them in their sickness and sorrow.

Please pray that if this is God's will, then it will be done accordingly.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Purgatory Part II - The Early Church Fathers

From my earlier post last night on purgatory, I wanted to write somemore on the subject as far as what the early Church Fathers believed regarding purgatory. The early church fathers were the men who followed in the footsteps of the apostles and many of them knew the first apostles and then trained other people according to their teachings and sermons.

Let us take a look at what these Church fathers actually believed and taught on the existence of purgatory - I would also like to remind people that the bible was not even a book until the year 367-404AD when it was finished by St. Jerome. If you have a bible today - thank a Catholic. =)

Clement of Alexandria

The believer through discipline divests himself of his passions and passes to the mansion which is better than the former one, passes to the greatest torment, taking with him the characteristic of repentance for the faults he may have committed after baptism. He is tortured then still more, not yet attaining what he sees others have acquired. The greatest torments are assigned to the believer, for God's righteousness is good, and His goodness righteous, and though these punishments cease in the course of the expiation and purification of each one, "yet" etc. (Patres Groeci. IX, col. 332 [A.D. 150-215])

The Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicity

"[T]hat very night, this was shown to me in a vision: I [Perpetua] saw Dinocrates going out from a gloomy place, where also there were several others, and he was parched and very thirsty, with a filthy countenance and pallid color, and the wound on his face which he had when he died. This Dinocrates had been my brother after the flesh, seven years of age, who died miserably with disease. . . . For him I had made my prayer, and between him and me there was a large interval, so that neither of us could approach to the other . . . and [I] knew that my brother was in suffering. But I trusted that my prayer would bring help to his suffering; and I prayed for him every day until we passed over into the prison of the camp, for we were to fight in the camp-show. Then . . . I made my prayer for my brother day and night, groaning and weeping that he might be granted to me. Then, on the day on which we remained in fetters, this was shown to me: I saw that the place which I had formerly observed to be in gloom was now bright; and Dinocrates, with a clean body well clad, was finding refreshment. . . . [And] he went away from the water to play joyously, after the manner of children, and I awoke. Then I understood that he was translated from the place of punishment" (The Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicity 2:3–4 [A.D. 202]).


It is one thing to stand for pardon, another thing to attain to glory; it is one thing, when cast into prison, not to go out thence until one has paid the uttermost farthing; another thing at once to receive the wages of faith and courage. It is one thing, tortured by long suffering for sins, to be cleansed and long purged by fire; another to have purged all sins by suffering. It is one thing, in fine, to be in suspense till the sentence of God at the Day of Judgment; another to be at once crowned by the Lord (Letters 51[55]:20 [A.D. 253]).

Cyril of Jerusalem

Then we make mention also of those who have already fallen asleep: first, the patriarchs, prophets, apostles, and martyrs, that through their prayers and supplications God would receive our petition, next, we make mention also of the holy fathers and bishops who have already fallen asleep, and, to put it simply, of all among us who have already fallen asleep. For we believe that it will be of very great benefit to the souls of those for whom the petition is carried up, while this holy and most solemn sacrifice is laid out (Catechetical Lectures 23:5:9 [A.D. 350]).

What is also interesting to note: In In 2 Timothy 1:18, St. Paul prays for Onesiphorus, who has died. Why would St. Paul pray for the dead if Purgatory did not exist?

Did Purgatory End When Christ was Resurrected?

I believe this is a question that many people ask themselves. Using the idea of the good thief on the cross and how Jesus said to him "Amen, I say to you, today you will be in paradise with me". Many non-Catholics use this verse to say that Purgatory does not exist and that Jesus took the thief immediately to heaven. My question to this theory is this, how could Jesus take the man to heaven that day when in fact Christ didn't open the gates of heaven until he was resurrected. In fact, when he died he didn't go up to a party in heaven, instead he went down into the "Prisons" to preach the good news to those that were waiting for him. Jesus also said that a day to him is like a thousands years to us, therefore saying "Today" could have meant that the thief wouldn't have been in heaven for a very long time or it could have been a very short time before he made it. However the fact still remains that Christ waited 3 days before the gates were opened by him.. and it was those 3 days that the theif had to wait for in the least bit.

I have heard a few people say that when Christ died his sacrifice finished everything and that there was no longer any need for purgatory and so Christ ended it. How can this be when the New Testament points to many different verses at the teaching of purgatory:

In (Matthew 12:23-36) Jesus speaks of sins to be forgiven in the life to come. If we are in heaven then there is no need to have forgivess and if we are in hell, we cannot be forgiven.. therefore what did Jesus mean by this? Only one answer; Purgatory.

Take a look at (Corinthians 3:13-15), St. Paul speaks about those that are saved through the next life through fire. Heaven will not have fire.. Hell you cannot be saved in.. so what is left? Purgatory.

Again in (Peter 3:18-20), St. Peter speakes upon Jesus speaking to the spirits in prison and of the gospel preached to the dead in (1 Peter 4:6).

The bible also affirms it again that we are to pray for the dead in (2 Maccabees 12:44-46) which is only in the Catholic bible since Luthers teaching would not have worked if he hadn't removed the 7 books of the bible to take out those books that would have challenged his new ideology.

Did Purgatory End When Christ was Resurrected?

No, I think not. How could it be when the bible has so many numerous verses that continually point to its very existence. The bible says we must be cleanes through fire before we can be pure enough for heaven, therefore.. how many of us die pure like God? None. How many people make it straight to heaven after they die? Very few.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

USCCB - Over 150K New Catholics 2009

I read a report this week from the USCCB that over 150,000 new Catholics came into the church during the easter vigil in the United States. Last year, there was around 87K new converts which means that it nearly doubled for this years total! That is indeed great news, amid the anti-Catholic media we still have a decent number of converts coming into the church.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Rite: Makings of a Modern Exorcist

I recently bought the book called 'The Rite' which is about Fr. Gary who is a Priest from California and was chosen by his Bishop to go to Rome to train as an exorcist. The book starts out with a prologue of a woman who is being exorcised and apparently has a very powerful demon within her that the Priest is struggling to release her from. The story then goes on to tell about the Fr. Gary's background and how it came that he was chosen to go take the exorcism course in Italy. I am now about two thirds of the way through the book and I have read some pretty fantastic stuff thus far regarding exorcism and the ways that people have been infested, oppressed, and possessed. Most if not all of the people who truly are experiencing some time of demonic influence in their lives have dabbled in the occult and thereby opened themselves up to the devil. There are a few cases however of people that were cursed by their parents or other family members and they are the ones that really suffer the most terrible pains and aggrevations through this demonic force that is presenting itself through them.

I know that not many people believe in Exorcism today or really even believe in demons. However, that being said, I know for a fact that there is a devil and that this type of stuff happens all the time. I remember watching a movie called Constatine a few years ago about a man who once served evil and then began to fight evil and he had a friend who didn't believe that the things he had told her was real, until one day he introduced her to it and it was as if a veil was lifted and she saw another world open up before her very eyes. I think that this is how the spirit would is derived. It is right in front of our faces, many people just brush by it and have no idea that it is there or that it even exists. And then there are those people that find themselves delving into this spirit world and they are then infected as though they caught a virus and they are not able to be freed of it until they visit someone just like Fr. Gary - an exorcist.

This world is real people, it is out there, and we need to guard ourselves against it. This is not a fantasy playground, it is not for jokes or playing around it, this is a very serious place and it seems that more and more people are getting caught up in the new age worldliness and are slowly being sucked into this ethereal battlefield designed to seal their doom.

To anyone who is interested in learning more about spiritual warfare, how to protect and guard yourself, or if you are an unbeliever and think that your living in a safe haven.. I recommend that you take a moment and buy this book - it is well worth the 15 bucks on ebay or

God Bless,


Easter Vigil

How good it is of us to be here!

Those were the first words that came into my head as I walked into Church on Saturday night at 7:45pm for the Easter Vigil Mass. All night I had been looking forward to this mass, it is by far my favorite out of all the easter services since this is the mass where you get to watch the converts being recieved into the Church. I was certain that the church was going to be packed and that I wouldn't be able to find a seat. However, much to my dismay and shock, the church was practically empty. There was around 200 people including all the converts and their families and besides us, the church was about 2/3 empty. Since this is the Mass where the converts come in, the service itself usually lasts about 2.5-3hrs and I bet you a pretty penny that is why most of the Catholics didn't show up. We Catholics are notorious for 2 things.. our drinking and leaving church as fast as we can.

I have to say this though, I was quite happy to see 3 young men in their late teens and early 20's that were being baptized and then confirmed. I saw an old man that I thought was a sponsor, but then it turned out to be a convert himself! Later on after mass when we were at the reception for the converts my mom spoke to the older man and learnt that he had been coming to our church for 35 years with his wife who has always been a Catholic and it was just now after all that time that he was given the gift of faith and he wanted to become a Catholic! In all we had around 10-15 new converts this year. I heard a statistic from a local parish priest that in the United States, over 150,000 new converts entered the Catholic Church!!! It is so good to see Christ still working in peoples lives.

I am going to see if I can help out with the RCIA this year, I have been wanting to participate in it for the past 2 years, however things just haven't panned out thus far in my attempts to assist the new converts or those seeking the truth.

God Bless and happy easter!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Answer from God

Last night during Easter Vigil Mass I prayed that my Grandfather who died last Sept. 07' would be released from purgatory (where I feel he is) and would enter heaven as Christ rose from the dead. I offered up my communion for this intention as well as my other intentions for the souls in Purgatory. Unbeknownst to me, my Mom asked God for a sign last night to let her know where her Father was and if he was saved.

I didn't go to bed until well after 1:30am this morning - I just felt so alive from the evening mass that I wasn't sleepy. I climbed into bed and went to sleep before saying my night prayers (laziness). During the night I had a dream. I was back down on my Grandfathers old property and as I looked around at the mountain landscape I saw my grandfather sitting in his old recliner chair in the middle of an old overgrown logging road. He was doubled over in pain and he looked just as I last saw him, suffering with his emphysema. In my dream I immediately ran over to him and knelt down in front of him, I looked up at him and said "Pops, your going to feel some bad pain in the next few minutes, and then it will be over". He looked at me and grabbed my hand and said "Thanks Mike". He then passed out and fell out of the chair onto the ground. I grabbed him as he fell and laid him down on his back and at this point he was gone, his heart was beating so fast, I remember laying my hand on his chest and telling him that I loved him and that it was soon going to be over. As I sat there and cried I then heard his voice and I turned around and there he was. He looked the same age as when he died (in his 80's), however he seemed to have an aura about him and he told me that he was doing much better, that he was feeling better and was ok. When I awoke this morning, I think I had just finished the dream, it was so fresh on my mind and I had this feeling, this urging that I must go up and tell mom what I dreamt of. I ran up the stairs as fast as I could, it was as if a whip was lashing and driving me to do so. As soon as I told mom, she broke down and cried. I didn't want to cause her any pain, however she then told me that last night she had asked God for a sign that Pops was ok, that he had been saved. We both also took it was a sign that he was not yet in heaven and that he will need many more prayers before he reaches eternity. But the good thing is that he was saved and that I hope he is not suffering much and will soon be released.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Faces in Montana plane crash -vs- Faces in WTC Attack

This image was taken after the plane carrying the fmaily of Irving 'Bud' Feldkamp the famous abortionist. The plane crashed into the Tomb of the Unborn - everyone on board died. Is it mere coincidence that he lost 2 daughters, two sons in law, 5 grandchildren, and 4 family friends at the tomb of the very children he was killing?

Ok, I am not one of these people that run around looking for Satan in everthing or imagining seeing him. That being said, I recently read a post on that posted a picture of the fire during the Montana plane crash at the cemetary. The spiritdaily post had asked about faces in the fire. It was when I took a closer look at the photo that I saw not only one face, I saw 3 different distince faces which were quite creepy! I then remembered that during the Sept. 11th attacks, there were similiar faces taken by the AP and CNN. I found those pictures and pasted them into the photo of the Montana crash and then outlined the faces with paintbrush. I did not doctor or add to these photographs.

You be the judge.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Institute of the Incarnate Word (IVE)

Over Presidents Day weekend I attended a 4 day silent retreat with the IVE in Chillum, MD. There were two things I experienced at the retreat.

1. The retreat centered on St. Ignatius of Loyola's meditations, I took 30 pages of notes which I have now shared with family and friends who can appreciate some of what I learned during my retreat. I arrived at the retreat house experiencing exhaustion within my soul, my body was also weak from the daily struggles in life. During my time I found God again, I was given a chance to see beyond the veil that seperates him and I, and it was a breath of fresh air! I would highly recommend the retreats to anyone who is interested in breaching their knowledge of themselves as well as delving into a greater love for God and all things divine.

2. I have a clearer view of the call to God that I feel. I am more aware of God in my life now and I will be actively searching for my vocation as a Priest through the many channels I have discovered. I feel I may be called to serve in my old Diocese of Charlotte NC and I am contacting the director of vocations there to speak with him about the direction in which I feel I am being led.

Please keep me in your prayers, I will need many as I begin this new journey in my life.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wakeup Call

Last night a good friend of mine announced that he was getting married. Surprisingly, I was completely shocked. Not for the reason of him getting married, I was able to take a step back and see that life is passing me by and it seems that I am just standing still while everything around me is changing. I am extremely happy for my friend that he has found his true vocation in life and I wish him and his future wife all the joys, blessings, and happiness that a married life centered around God will bring. However, it has shocked me to the core and I believe that God is telling me that it is time to stop kicking the tires, goofing off, and wasting time.

I pray that I find where God wants me to serve him through.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The 5 Day Mass Challenge

So I know that I am a total slacker sometimes and have never been a daily mass person, most mornings I am quite content to lie in my nice warm bed and sleep. However last Sunday I was speaking with Mom and mentioned that I was going to attend mass sometime during the week. She was extremely skeptical and told me that there was no way that I was going to have the self will to make it one day, so I in turn told her I could do it for 5 days straight. I know, I know.. that is really quite sad that we even had to have this discussion. I won the challenge and got Grace as my prize, not only did I do 5 days, I even went today on saturday. What can I say? I am a saint! =D

I can tell you from my 5 daily masses, I recieved some really awesome graces. I will now be going all next week and hopefully attend daily mass from here on out. It is quite beautiful to see the changes we can have in our lives just by going to mass. It was well worth it and I think God had this planned in order to prepare me for some shocking but good news today. I got a major wakeup call from God/Life today and really feel that he is telling me it is time to move on with my life and follow him.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Father Neuhaus, The Knight

As Catholics we all know or have known a Priest that played an important part in our lives and we remember those men as family and count them among out friends. However, ever so often, a Priest comes along that stands out from the rest. He is a man that stands for Christendom, a Captain of an army, a knight we all dream of standing next to. Fr. Neuhaus was one of those men, he was a knight for the Church and he will be greatly missed. I personally hadn't ever met the man, however I have read many of his articles, letters, and have heard him speak. We need more good men in the Church such as he to stand up for what they believe in, protect Holy Mother Church, and guide the Christians of the world to the light of Christ.

"Father Neuhaus was an inspirational leader, admired theologian and accomplished author who devoted his life to the service of the Almighty and to the betterment of our world," Bush said in a Jan. 8 statement. "He was also a dear friend, and I have treasured his wise counsel and guidance."