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Sr. Megan Rice SHCJ facing Life in Prison – LCWR

sr. megan rice SHCJA year ago I wrote about a crazy religious sister who had broken into a nuclear weapons plant to splatter her own blood on the building, graffiti the premises with peace signs and anti-war signs, and to try and hammer into the wall.  The sister is Sr. Megan Rice, she and two other strange men were arrested and have been serving in jail since their incarceration.  The judge has refused thus far to let them go on bail until the trial and they are now petitioning for clemency.  You can read my original article here: Blood Splattered Nuclear Silos

Today I opened up the news and saw a new report.  The sister is up for sentencing and she is facing life in prison. Considering her advanced age of 83 years old any sentence could be longer than what the good Lord has given her.

The article below has been taken from Catholic News USA:

Sister Megan Rice is one of three Catholic peace activists convicted of sabotage last year after they broke into the nuclear weapons plant in Oak Ridge, Tenn. Sentencing for all three is scheduled for 9 a.m. Tuesday at U.S. District Court in Knoxville.

The government has recommended sentences of about six to nine years each for Rice, Michael Walli and Greg Boertje-Obed. It also is seeking restitution of nearly $53,000 for damage incurred when the three cut through fences and painted slogans on the outside wall of the uranium processing plant. The protesters also splattered blood and hammered on the wall.

The activists are asking for leniency. They say their actions at the Y-12 National Security Complex were symbolic and meant to draw attention to America’s stockpile of nuclear weapons, which they call immoral and illegal.

When I did some research on Sister Megan Rice I found her religious order.  She belongs to the Society of the Holy Child Jesus.  The order was founded in 1846 by Venerable Cornelia Connelly.  The foundress must be devastated at the sight of her order today.  The order was founded to be a teaching order and to take care of the sick and dying.  It wasn’t founded to break into nuclear plants, damage other peoples property, promote new age movements and it certainly wasn’t founded to be an order filled to the brim with old ladies not living out their vocations.  The orders average age is now around 70 yrs old if that tells you anything about the wonderful work they are doing to enrich their own lives.  I found a great picture of the sisters soon after their founding and spliced it together with a current image of Sister Megan Rice.  Tell me what you see is different.

Sr. Megan Rice SHCJ

People can’t have it both ways.. you are either peace loving and kind or your not.  You can’t say that you are promoting peace and then justify breaking into a govt facility to pour vials of your own blood on nuclear silos.  Is this really what Venerable Cornelia had in mind when she created the order?  I remember many years ago, some liberal Bishops were trying to seize the reigns of EWTN and Mother Angelica when asked about them taking control she said “I’ll burn the damn thing down before I let them have it”.  I think Venerable Cornelia would say the same thing in this case if she knew that the liberal facist LCWR nutty women were one day going to rule her beautiful order and destroy it along with the souls of countless others all in the name of social justice.

Pray for Sister Megan Rice.. pray for her conversion.

God Love & God Bless,



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