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Cardinal O’Malley Gets his Baptism Reaffirmed by Female Minister

O'Malley's Methodist baptism
O’Malley’s Methodist baptism
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I saw this as it hit the news a few days ago and the image has caused quite a disturbance across the blogosphere and news worldwide.  Just peachy.  So what is the good Cardinal going to do next?  Is he going to invite this lady or another ‘ordained’ woman to join him on the altar for a concelebration of the Eucharist?  I saw over at Rorate CAELI they said that Cardinal O’Malley was practicing the Latin Mass during the Pontificate of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and now under Pope Francis he has gone to the other side of the see-saw and ‘invited’ a female minister to reaffirm his baptism.  It’s sickening.  Ecumenism when done correctly is good.  But when it is presented such as this.. it does way more damage to the Church.  Here is a quote from the local paper that picked up the story and commentary from the female minister:
“What moved me was not so much that I was anointing him,” she said. “It was him being willing to accept that from my hand – to ask me, as a woman in ministry, to do that.”
A Rhode Island native, the Rev. [Anne] Robertson was the only female clergy member who assisted at a special 50th anniversary worship service at Sudbury United Methodist Church.
As part of Sunday’s anniversary service, the 500 who filled Sudbury United Methodist to overflowing were invited to receive a drop of consecrated water on their forehead and be told, “Remember your baptism and be thankful.” The ritual resembles the ceremonial receiving of ashes on Ash Wednesday, but isn’t a formal United Methodist sacrament.
Cardinal O’Malley and New England United Methodist Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar led the ritual in the sanctuary. The Rev. Robertson and a Catholic priest were on their way with small bowls of water to a side room, for others watching the service on a large-screen TV.
She paused with the priest at the cardinal’s pew, so they could receive the baptism water from Cardinal O’Malley. The next moment, the cardinal quietly asked the Rev. Robertson to administer the water for him.
“My heart immediately went to my throat,” she said. “To be asked that by the man who might be pope someday – I was stunned. I was choking back tears for hours.”

My heart went to my throat as well when I read the above article and statements.  Beyond ridiculous.
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