Sunday, January 19, 2014

Answered Prayers – Cancer Miracle

Twelve years ago when I worked at the Walmart store in Warrenton Virginia as a Photo Specialist I made a new friend of a frequent customer.  The customers name was Clifford K.  He asked that I just call him Cliff Cliff.  Unfortunately soon after I left Walmart in 2003 I lost contact with Cliff.  It wasn’t until around December of last year that I ran into Cliff again.  This time I was working in a Staples store (worst job I have ever had) and I saw Cliff walk through the door and my spirits instantly lifted.  We reunited after so many years of not being in contact and I began helping him and his dear wife with various IT related work.  Cliffs wife Michelle was undergoing chemo therapy and was in a lot of pain and struggling to keep her spirits up.  I began to pray hard for Michelle and I’ve sent out more than a few blog posts asking for your prayers as well.  On October 2nd I started a 9 day novena to Blessed Francis Seelos and I prayed for a healing for Michelle.

This morning I received a call from Cliff and he said he had something really important to share with me.  For the past 3 weeks Michelle had been in quite a bit of pain and she and Cliff both felt that the cancer was getting worse.  Unknowing to me, Cliff revealed that the doctors had given her a 10-20% chance of success with her cancer treatment and that she was on her last dosage because nothing else had worked.  On 11/27 (Wednesday), Cliff and Michelle went to the doctor to get the results of the pain that she was suffering and much to their amazement and to the shock of the doctor, the pain was from her tumor dying and shrinking.  The doctor said that he had no explanation for it, that something like this happening at the stage Michelle was at, was unknown and he hadn’t seen something like this happen before!!  The doctor is putting her on another 3 week regimen of the same chemo dosage and the prognosis looks great.  Everything seems to have turned itself around for Michelle and Cliff.  Prayers have been answered and I think Blessed Seelos may have had something to do with this, after all I think many of his miracles involved people who were suffering from cancer.

Please continue to keep Michelle in your prayers.  I am going to start another Novena in the next few days for her and I’ll send out a notification and invite you in on what I hope will be a major prayer chain that will rain our intercessions into the heavenly realm for her healing.

God Bless!


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