Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Death in the family

On tuesday the 23rd, I was awakened to the phone ringing. I had this feeling that something was wrong and ran to pick it up. My mom was on the phone and in tears, she told me through sobs that my grandfather Ivan had passed away an hour before at 9am.

Two years ago my grandmother Anita, Ivan's (Pop's) wife passed away with cancer. We knew that she was sick and were able to prepare ourselves for the death that we knew was coming. However when I got news that Pop's had died, it was so unexpected. I feel devestated, and the hole in my heart is aching for him. What is interesting is that he died within 3 weeks to the year when his wife died. Will this hole ever feel? When will I find peace? I weep in sorrow for the loss that I feel, I await the day when I can meet my grandparents again.

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