Saturday, September 20, 2008

Naples hails miracle as saint's blood liquefies!

In Naples Italy twice a year the blood of a St. Gennaro who was martyred in the year 305 A.D. liquifies on September 19th his feast day and on the first Saturday in May. It is said that after he was beheaded a Christian lady went over and sponged up some of his blood, put it into a glass vial and since the first time it was recorded in the year 1389 A.D., the blood has continued to liquify on these two dates. In the history of this miracle the blood has only not liquified 5 times, each time that it didn't a major disaster hit the area. In November 1980 the blood didn't liquify and a major earthquake hit southern Italy and killed over 3,000 ppl. So the people in this town celebrate greatly each time that it does liquify. This is a miracle that can be seen twice a year.. and there are people in this world that say that miracles do not happen. What a shame they are not able to see this one. When I was over in Italy 2 years ago, I went and saw this vial of blood in the Church, it was not liquified, in fact it looked as crusty and hard as dried blood normally looks, it is a pure miracle that this turns to liquid every year.