Saturday, January 10, 2009

Father Neuhaus, The Knight

As Catholics we all know or have known a Priest that played an important part in our lives and we remember those men as family and count them among out friends. However, ever so often, a Priest comes along that stands out from the rest. He is a man that stands for Christendom, a Captain of an army, a knight we all dream of standing next to. Fr. Neuhaus was one of those men, he was a knight for the Church and he will be greatly missed. I personally hadn't ever met the man, however I have read many of his articles, letters, and have heard him speak. We need more good men in the Church such as he to stand up for what they believe in, protect Holy Mother Church, and guide the Christians of the world to the light of Christ.

"Father Neuhaus was an inspirational leader, admired theologian and accomplished author who devoted his life to the service of the Almighty and to the betterment of our world," Bush said in a Jan. 8 statement. "He was also a dear friend, and I have treasured his wise counsel and guidance."

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