Friday, January 25, 2008

Christian Folder on WAHM

I am being bombarded by a few cowards who dare to call themselves Christian and yet curse, badmouth, backstab, and act like 5 year olds. I call upon all those that have harrassed me, to post here your reasons on why Abortion and Contraception is ok, why you think I am wrong and you are right.. better yet, why you take one Priests opinion over that of the church?


Mary said...

I think its been deleted, surprise surprise. I find it very interesting when protestants and even other Catholics disagree with the churches stand on these issues. Not that its easy to practice in ones life but the reason behind the teaching is very Christian (protestant and Catholic). A Life is a Life is a Life.

Mary said...

As for the coward, 5year old, take the word of one priest over the church comment. It is one thing to be a christian it is another matter entirely to be a Catholic Christian. Its hard to be Catholic and I think that it is easier for some non-Catholics to harass and pick fights then to listen to the truth.

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