Saturday, October 06, 2007

SDA the cult that is dying out

First off I just have to say that I posted last night on the WAHM boards in response to a question about the Heretic Ellen G. White who was supposedly a Prophetess of God for the Seventh Day Adventists. The SDA are a cult started in the 1800's by William a Preacher for the Baptists. William had a vision (supposedly) where God told him that in 1844 he was going to return.. when God didn't return william had to change his beliefs a bit, then again God did not return on the next day that he said he would. He tried to close out his new sect but instead it split into a bunch of smaller groups that all started espousing different beliefs. One of the them was led by Ellen, Ellen said she had a vision, her vision too did not work out and she had to revise her prophecy just as her predecessor. Not very surprising... Anyways today there are around 600K of these cultish members who do not serve Govts, pay taxes, drink beer or alcohol (in public, but are known to in the privacy of their homes), gamble, sin, cuss, ect... the list goes on. Basically they are awaiting the immediate return of Christ who will take them to heaven for a thousand years while the devil and non SDA are left here to rot and suffer. The jehovahs are a break off of this group as well.. My post listed biblical verses, and common logic to the question this particular person asked and less than an hour after I posted it, the whole thing was removed and I was accused of thinking I was right and condemning others. What i find sad is that when people are confronted with the truth they tend to call you a liar, hide the truth, and then flame you.. I got all three and more. That is fine, we'll see who is left laughing in the end.


peggi said...

For all your purported education your history of the SDA's is quite faulty. First of all, your post though titled "SDA the cult that is dying out", had not even one reference to falling numbers in membership. Your reporting there are "around 600k of these cultish members" is way off. In Dec. 2005 world membership of SDA's were
14,399,072 - that's more than twice what you mention.
Now I'm not your traditional SDA. SO I'm not here to defend their entire beliefs to the end. As a matter of fact, there are things I personally don't agree with them on. Specifically, while I believe EG White was inspired to write what she did, I do not believe she was a prophetess, nor that she or her writings should be idolized. There are SDA's who don't believe in her. Personally I don't agree with their noncombat stance either. That doesn't go over well with most of them when your a cop such as myself.
As for SDA's dying your dreams buckwheat. It's just not happenin'.
You yourself have most likely benefited from the contributions SDA's have made to society; medical research (Loma Linda), right down to the foods you eat every day; Kellogg's cereal, Little Debbie Snack Cakes.......yes they are all owned by SDA's!
I think your also wrong about the Jehovahs being an offshoot of SDA's. Jehovah's are somewhat of an offshoot of "Second Adventist", a religious sect led by Jonas Wendall, not the same as the WIlliam Miller "Seventh Day Adventist."
As far as the Pope being the "anti-christ"...well I just don't follow their train of thought on that. However, it is true that centuries ago, the Catholic Church was a great persecutor early Christians.

You can call SDA's a cult if you want to, but you have to remember too, that the definition of cult means different things to different people. They are not a cult by the "christian definition" of a cult in that they do believe in the deity of Christ and the trinity, and salvation by faith. Now if you want to call them a cult because of EG White, then comparing them to the Catholics, Mother Mary was human and your religion has idolized her.
The Sabbath issue? Did you miss your class on Constantine and the history of the Roman Catholic Church?
At any rate, if you are bound for the priesthood you probably should stop talking "smack" about other religions until you have all your facts straight. Besides, your going to turn more folks off than you convert with your arrogance and faulty proclaimation of truth.
Also you might consider the fact that the Catholic Priesthood has much more to live down from all their public known child molestations over the years than anything the SDA's have done!

Salvation is not about what label of religion you unite with, its about knowing Jesus Christ as your Savior. And that is what really matters.

St. Michael the Archangel said...


Obviously I was venting, and I am sorry that I didn't post the facts like I did in the WAHM blog. I did show the numbers historically, and the basic fact of the matter is Protestantism will either die out, or it will revert back to Catholicism from which it broke.

As history shows and the bible, the SDA belief system is faulty and based on point blank lies and manipulation. The SDA's state that Christianity apostasized at around 357 and yet still accept the councels of the church on teachings such as True God and true Man of Christ, the trinity, and another one I can't think off of the top of my head.... that in itself doesn't make any sense at all, how could the church have gone bad and yet the SDAs' still follow the teachings and councels after that date? As for the saturday worship as early as 60 AD, the apostles and church fathers mentioned in the bible worshiping on sunday and not saturday for Christ came to save and he is the new sabbath, hence since Christ rose on a sunday, appeared to the apostles on the following two sundays, and the holy spirit came unto them on a sunday and then Christ assended into heaven on a SUNDAY. I think Christ made it very clear when we were to gather in his name and worship him and that wasn't on a saturday since he chose not to resurrect on that date.

The fact of the matter is this, Protestantism as I said is a dying breed, it is a heresy that has lasted 500 years and it couldn't stay as one heresy, no it split and continues to split and fight amongst itself, today there are over 40,000 different Protty churches all proclaiming to hold the one truth of Christ... now how can they all be teaching different things, fighting amongst themselves and still hold the one truth of Christ? They can't and they DON'T and neither does your wacked out faith that is so very "Cultish" in its erratic behavior. Its not biblical and you cannot trace your roots back to Christ without first going through that very heretical church that you so hate... aka the Catholic church. By the way, you can keep your food.. I don't eat that type anyways, I consider it junk food.

And how very low of you to go after the Catholic church for the molestations!!! Here's a littler percentage for you.. less than 1% of the Priesthood was involved in that.. and you don't think that your beloved church leaders don't do this? Hmm.. you would be surprised and as for Protestants more molestations happen in their churches than Catholics.. why aren't they being talked about? No-one cares, that's why. People only want to badger the truth, that is why Catholics are always persecuted, made fun of, mocked, laughed at.. you never see the SDA's in the news for something.. again why not?

And just for the record.. I don't talk smack, I tell it how it is sister! I don't water down religion and neither should you. As you said yourself, your a cop and you do not even follow the basic teachings put down by your faith.. your a classic example of why Protestants continue to break apart, if you don't like something, then you don't have to do it, its a cafeteria outlook on God and religion. If your founder says not to do something, don't do it, unless it goes against God and the basic human morals of living.

White was a heretic and I pray for her soul as her founding Baptist leader. Catholics DO NOT IDOLIZE Mother Mary. She was a woman, a sinless one, and the mother of GOD. She was not God, we do NOT pray to her, and we do NOT worship her. We view her with love as Christ viewed her, she is his mother and so she is ours.

Here are a few protestant clergy abuse sites for your personal enjoyment, since you sickenly receive joy by using this excuse to hate on Catholics:

Here is one that lists thousands of people charged in the past few years that are all Protestant clergy:

Here is a SDA accused of raping a 9 yr old girl:

Here is another SDA molester went after a 12 year old girl.. how sick:

Here do me a favor, go to google and put in SDA molestation cases and you will find hundreds and thousands of such cases.. like I said the news doesn't care about Protestant Molestations because they do not hold the truth, they only wish to ink out the Catholics.

I agree Christ is the salvific power to save.. but he gives that salvation through the church that he founded.. the Catholic one that has lasted over 2000 years without splitting into thousands of pieces like the ... well you already know. =D

Pax Christi,