Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Rosary and how scriptural it is explained by a Priest from the SSP

This is a great explanation, for both Catholics and for Protestants that don't understand the Rosary.


doc said...

All that keeps popping to mind is "vain repitition." And, why in the world would I want to "invite mary into my heart and into my home"?! She is in Heaven spending all of Eternity bowing down to the King of kings. As for prayer, why would I pray in a manner that Christ did not teach. He taught that when we pray, we are to pray to our Father in Heaven, not hailing Mary who is in Heaven.

St. Michael the Archangel said...


Did you honestly sit through that whole movie and watch every bit of it? Or did you listen for 2 seconds and make your judgement?

doc said...

I did in fact listen to the entire video. It was surprisingly long. I have to say that a good reminder to Christians is to meditate on the scriptures. Know Jesus and His word so completely that that is all that pours out of your heart. It is not necessary to have a rosary and pray to mary and ask her to pray with us in our life. In fact, I am not even sure that she has any idea what is going on here on Earth, but that is most definately a different topic. I am afraid that the practice of saying these prayers over and over again will do just what this priest said it will do, empty our mind so that God can work. This is a practice that has its root in eastern mysticism and is called mantra. Either you repeat a word or a series of words for the purpouse of clearing your mind. The problem with this, however, is that you enter an altered state of consciousness, and that allows for any other spiritual forces to enter in and take control.
So much more could be said on this type of prayer, but I think I have sufficiently summed it up. If any practice has its roots in eastern mysticism, flee from it. We are to be clear-headed, and mindful in our prayer and devotion to God.